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Monday, May 30, 2016


 Two weeks ago we had to turn back after 4 miles of driving due to high snowdrifts, mud and finally gave up after getting stuck for an hour.. Fast forward 2 weeks and the snow drifts were gone, still some muddy bogs that required a heavy foot to navigate. Driving anywhere on this mountain is not easy, it took 1hr 20mins to drive 7.5 miles.  But the reward was lakes all to ourselves and we didn't see a single person all weekend! 

This area of the mountain has some beautiful lakes and many different species of trout to catch. The catch is you need to do your research to figure out how to navigate to them.  

A couple of lakes I fished....

A fly over of the area where we camped.....

The fishing was phenomenal! Fish after fish and it was always a surprise as to what you might land!


Brook Trout


This was the 1st time I have caught Grayling, these fish are amazing to see in person! 

I hope to make up to this area again this summer/fall to explore some new lakes! 

Happy Memorial Day! 

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Spring Time

Attempted to make it up to a high altitude lake. Unfortunately it will be a couple more weeks before the road is passable. Had about 1 mile to go out of 8 and the snow drifts were just to much for the truck! After 30mins working to get unstuck, it was time to head down to the valley.

The stream was blown out and off color. But it was a great day to be outside!

Sunday, April 3, 2016


Made it out for a quick weekend trip. Spring fed creeks are always running clear and clean!

 Looking back on the hike with a drone photo!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Escalante Mountain

Made it out for a couple of days to enjoy the excellent weather in southern Utah. It has been a few months since, I have had a fly rod in my hand! 

There was a lake at 8500 feet that I hiked up to; but unfortunately it was still 90% covered with ice. But after a 3 hour hike to the lake, I did some exploring and ran into another small lake that was positioned better to thaw. The great thing about fishing a lake you have no information on is you have no idea what type of fish you may catch. 

A couple of fish from the lake...

A view from the top of the mountain before the hike down.

Some drone pictures of the valley I camped in, the weather was perfect!

After a long day of hiking Jake and Hunter needed a break.

Looking forward to many more trips this year!

Saturday, December 26, 2015


A few memories from 2015! 

Happy Holidays to everyone!

Sunday, November 15, 2015


Made it out for most likely one of my last mountain trips for the year. This lake will be 100% covered in ice within the next few days. 

This lake has some wonderful scenery!

I did manage a handful of fat rainbows. 

Jake & Hunter enjoyed the snow on the hike!

Sunday, November 1, 2015


Made it out for the weekend, to one of my favorite small rivers in Utah.  This was my first time in 2015 fishing the river. One of the interesting parts of fishing the river is the variety of fish you can catch. On this trip I managed 4 species, it is a nice change for me to not know what is on the end of the line. Most rivers hold only a couple of species which makes things predictable.

 It was an enjoyable weekend on the water.

I did manage a lot of smaller fish, more than in previous years.

Hope everyone has enjoyed this years fall fishing!

Sunday, October 18, 2015


Utah has some of the best places; to just get out and explore. There seems to be fish in all the creeks as well! 

Everyone was exploring!

 Couple of fish from the cold clear creek!

Monday, August 31, 2015


A good friend and I were able to make our second trip inside the Bob Marshall Wilderness. All the trail heads except one; were closed after a day of us entering. There was 3 forest fires burning in the area. Made for some smoky skies/air, it did not have an effect on our fishing. We caught a ton of fish.

We set up our camp at the confluence of Gordons Creek and the South fork of the Flathead, our home for 4 days.

Some of the views while fishing the South Fork, the background scenery is mostly clouded by the smoke. But this smoky scenery is better than most rivers best scenery!

We averaged about 30 fish per day, the Westslope trout are hardy fish and put up one of the best fight you can find in a cutthroat. The river was running low from the lack of snow pack this past winter. It was still bone chilling cold with lots of fishy pools. The one great thing about the 4 days of fishing the river is; we never seen even one person ANYWHERE!

Some of the Westslope I caught.

Bull Trout!!

White Fish!!

The Bob Marshall Wilderness is an excellent fishing experience for anyone that enjoys solitude, long hikes, remote location and great fishing!

The last day we fished the Bitteroot river outside of Missoula.

A couple of Brown Trout from the river.

Fall fishing is next in store for 2015!!