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Saturday, March 10, 2012


This is the first fishing trip of 2012, hopefully many more to come! The weather was great but the fishing was really slow, the water was a bit off color which goes hand in hand with the high flows the river is seeing right now. There is about a month or so until some of the spring fed creeks in my vicinity will have ideal fishing conditions, so today this river had to do.

I started fishing around 11am,  caught a few little fish hear and there but never did find a run I could pull 2 or more fish out of! I typically don't fish high rivers; so my skill level may be whats lacking.

I was rewarded with a great fish towards the end of the day, a solid 23"  not skinny either, she has been eating good all winter. Fishing in high waters/ currents is one thing, but with a fish like this on it really makes it a challenge to land the fish.

Here is another healthy fish I was able to catch.....

It has been since October 2011; the last time I was out on the water fishing, It sure felt good to get back out there!