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Sunday, April 22, 2012


With the weather forecast slated for the mid 70's, I figured I couldn't go wrong travelling up to southern Utah for a day of fly fishing! My plan was to fish a spring fed creek that has wild rainbows; but when I arrived the water was high and off color, plan "B" was to head down to the Sevier River.

This is just a great area to fish, it also helps to have the river to yourself all day!

The first fish I had on was a decent size cutthroat, he managed to slip the hook before I could net him, unfortunately; I didn't catch anther one. The main population in this river is Brown trout, Rainbow, and a few cutthroat.

I caught 6 fish out of the run near the boulder, 1 rainbow an 5 browns. I was using a heavy streamer with a size 18 copper john dropper, all browns were caught on the copper john , the Rainbow fell for the streamer.

Some of the browns I caught throughout the day.....

 Another great day on the water!