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Thursday, April 21, 2011


Started the fishing season out in a beautiful but rugged canyon; i had the canyon entirely alone for the two days i was there, that's hard to believe knowing this area is 3 hours from Phoenix,AZ. The hike down into the canyon is rugged but once at the bottom, you realize why you made the trip.

The hike took me about 3 hours to get to a ideal campsite; near a bend in the creek and on a sandy beach area!

The rainbow in this section of the river are all wild, the creek was running low and very clear, throw a wild rainbow in the water and it becomes a finicky trout.

I hiked down the river about a 1/2 mile and worked my way back up fishing pocket water and the deeper runs, i was rewarded with some great fish for the size of this creek!

I managed to pull out a couple of brown trout from the creek.

The fishing was great and the scenery was even better, there is nothing like finding solitude in a area like this! I hope to travel to many more wild trout streams in 2011!