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Sunday, September 2, 2012


This trip was a planned backpack trip into a remote area of the Weminuche Wilderness. We only spent 1-1/2 days fishing the creek, for such a long hike in and out we should have planned for more time. Everything about this location is great! One could spend a lifetime exploring lakes and creeks in this area!

Some pictures and scenery while we were fishing/hiking.

Even ran into this Moose and calf while hiking back to camp after a day of fishing.

The fishing was the best I have ever had on any mountain creek, the fish were relatively large for the water, lots of them and very hard fighters!

The color variations on the Brookies were great!

After spending 8 days in Colorado this was a great trip to end the vacation!


We fished several creeks in the South San Juan, this creek by far was the most scenic and yielded the best fishing. The section of creek we fished required a bit of off trail navigation, well worth the extra effort! My guess is this creek gets minor pressure all year and most of it is in its lower sections.

A few pictures while fishing thought the day.

The water levels were a bit low on the creek, as is everywhere in Colorado! Nonetheless the water was cold an there was some great runs and pockets that held some nice Rio Grande cutthroat trout. Nothing to large but all were healthy and great fighters!

This creek was just planned as a day trip so we were not able to explore most of its water through the canyon. In the next coming years I hope to return an make this creek a backpacking destination!