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Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I was lucky enough to spend 5 days fishing various location throughout southwest Colorado, the highlight of the trip was 3 days spent in the Weminuche wilderness. The lower 9miles of this creek is all private waters which is famous for its excellent fly fishing. My plan had me backpacking into the upper portion of Goose Creek and fly fishing for a couple of days, I haven't heard of anyone fishing the upper portion of this creek, everything to come was a mystery!

The trail head to begin the hike sits at 1100 feet, driving there was an adventure in itself.

Fall was in full swing and made for some awesome backpacking scenery. The hike there was about 7miles which was fairly easy going from 1100 feet to 9000 feet, it was the hike out that was not going to be fun!

My first view of Goose Creek....

The first day of fishing I hiked down river from camp a few miles and slowly fished my way back up.  Truly a wild back country fishing adventure; that made me work for the fish I caught. The fishing and scenery was great!

The fish in the creek were good size and very powerful.....

On day two I hiked upstream from camp and fished for a few hours, most of the day was spent hiking there and back.

 I did manage to catch a nice cutthroat trout but he slipped out of my hand, I never did catch another one.

This day was also the start of Elk hunting season, I  spotted someones kill in the distance being cautious of other animals or a pissed off hunter I stayed clear of the elk and just zoomed in for a picture. Before my hike back to camp, I ate lunch about 200 yards away and never did see a hunter show up to claim the kill.

The hike out was brutal 2000 feet of elevation gain and a section of switchbacks that's seems like takes hours. This is a area I would recommend to anyone willing to get out for a adventure!