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Sunday, July 24, 2011


Summertime in the high county of Utah opens up another world of fishing destinations, I decided to spend the weekend fly fishing some creeks in Fish Lake National forest. The first creek on my list was UM, from my parking destination I hiked back in a few miles feeling re assured I would be the only angler in the area. During the hike I realized my camera was not working, thank goodness for smart phones which made a great backup!

The area's I had chosen to fish was mostly open meadows that seemed to go on for miles.

The fishing was great, fishing this creek leads you to anticipation for possibly catching a tiger trout.I caught about 15 to 20 fish in about 4 hours.

Unfortunately I did not catch a tiger trout, although there's a chance the few fish that manged to get away could have been the tiger trout! All were cutthroat, none to large but for a creek definitely good size and a blast to catch, hoppers were the ticket!

I don't think I could have chosen a better day to be on the mountain, high of 71 and not a cloud for miles.


This creek was the second on my list for the day, I still had 4 hours of good light left in the day and I was hoping the second half of my day was going to be as good as the first, it was wishful thinking. As I arrived at the area I had anticipated fishing; there were several groups of people posted up in there camp chairs with there spinning reel's in hand ! Not a good site for a fly fisherman, although I am sure they were enjoying there day. I decided to drive up the road a few miles and hike back in to some of the upper stretches.

The stream was quite small in the upper region, comparing to the lower section I had originally planned to fish, I managed a picture of the lower section but the sun glare by the time I got to the upper section was not working with the camera phone.

I tied on a royal coachman, one of my favorite flies and started casting to the feeding zones. From there it was brook trout after brook trout.

I did manage to catch one cutthroat, it was still very dark in color which makes the cutthroat marking stand out even more!

I did end up having a enjoyable time catching  little brook trout, I would most likely never return to this creek due to the crowds and lack of isolation.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


After finishing up my day of fly fishing on Antimony creek; I figured I would drive down the road and check out the water clarity in black canyon. It was not perfect but visible enough to sight fish for some browns.

I only spent a few hours fishing this section but it was very rewarding, I caught all my fish feeding in the riffles on dry flies.

You can tell the fish in this river have been hit hard by the long hard winter which equals high flows. This fish almost looks cartoon like, big head little body. Even the colors of the browns seemed to look off color, hopefully in a month or so they will fill out and brighten up!

This is another river I could spend all day fishing, you can see by the photos I took while fishing the reason why!

There is some great fishing in this part of the country!


Was able to leave the heat of Las Vegas and make my first trip of the year to southern Utah, I had Antimony creek in my sights thanks to Circle Valley Anglers for informing me the stream was running average/ clear.

The scenery while fly fishing the creek was an experience in itself.

My first fish a colorful brown........

Most fish were average size but there was some large fish holding in the creek, my 3wt rod magnified the fight in the feisty wild rainbows!

This rainbow had the brightest colors of any in the creek that I had caught......

I managed to catch around 5 browns and lost count of how many rainbows, it was a great day of fly fishing!

The hike back to my truck was even scenic enough to keep my mind off the long hike out.