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Saturday, August 31, 2013


A good friend and I spent 6 days and over 100 backpacking miles fishing/exploring the Bob Marshall wilderness area. Some of the notable waters we fished were Young's creek, Gordon's creek and South Fork of the Flathead river. We did see a few anglers on Young's creek but all other days we had the rivers all to ourselves.

The hike in was to the South Fork is pretty grueling 23+ miles, most of the hike in had been burned by wildfires some years back. This eliminated the option for shade!

The fishing was phenomenal for west slope cutthroat trout. All were caught on dries, you could fish a run until you were bored. Seemed like there were endless amounts of fish in each hole. The water is some of the clearest/ cold water I have ever seen!

Some of the fish I managed to pull from the area.....

Scenery from areas we fished.......

 I am just happy I was able to knock this trip off my bucket list, this area leaves me with many wonderful memories!

Monday, July 8, 2013


I finally made it away from the Las Vegas heat for a quick 3 day trip to Cody Wyoming. A friend and I fished the North Fork a few years back and have been dying to make it back to the river. The North Fork has some of the best fishing in the area and its seems as though there is not much pressure due to YNP rivers so close by. Unfortunately we were only able to fish the river for about 3 hours until a down pour muddied up the river for the remainder of our stay.

A few pictures of the river and some of the larger fish I managed to catch.

On the second day with the North Fork brown as coffee we decided to hike  into the Absaroka Wilderness in search of clear water. After about a 5 mile hike in we found more blown out waters. But after another mile we found a good size creek that was still showing the effects of runoff but was clear! We managed to catch a bunch of wild Rainbows and Brookies; but nothing over 12 inches.

Some scenery from the hike....


Hopefully next year I will be able to make it back to this area!

Sunday, April 7, 2013


Made it up to the Prover river, this river can be famous for combat fishing. I had a nice larger section of the river all to myself for the day. I didn't catch anything of much size but the catching was good for fish in the range of 12" to 15". I must have caught 20+ fish all on 18 to 22 BWO dry flies. Catching any size fish on dries never seems to get old.

A couple of views from the river....

Some fish caught throughout the day...

Sunday, March 31, 2013


Finally made it out for the 1st day of fishing of the year! I was also excited to use my new Winston BIIIX.  I was impressed with the accuracy and the ease to cast. I know there is a lot of talk about the Sage One, but I have to say this rod gives it a run for its money!

This area is one of my quick weekend get away retreats being its only 3-1/2 hours from Las Vegas. Its not that great of a summer fishery due to summer irrigation flows, but for fall and spring its a nice quiet remote location to spend the day on the water.

The scenery while fishing is outstanding!

I did manage about 8 fish for the day....

Not a bad 1st day on the water for 2013!