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Sunday, June 26, 2011


I did some extensive google earth research,topo maps to find this location, I did not take to many picture of the hike due to the intensity and the pace I was travelling at. It is my guess that this area See's less than 20 anglers a year, and  possibly most arrive by raft just to camp and toss a line in the water for a hour or so. By far this had been one of the toughest backpack trips I have ever done!

It took me about 3-1/2 hours to reach the Colorado river, its amazing how small you feel once your in the Grand Canyon!

I found a large boulder to try my luck from, the current in this area was a bit tricky; after a few casts I had the depth needed and the currents figured out and from there it was fish after fish! I used several different setups, hopper midge///hopper san juan/////wollybugger midge/// san juan midge. With a good drift any of the setup's worked equally as well. I credit that to the lack of anglers these fish see.

Some rafters floating by, how amazing is this place!

On my way back to camp there was 3 large lizards hanging around, I decided to see what they thought of my hopper, to my surprise one of them jumped up and grabbed it and hooked himself lol.....I managed to unhook the poor guy and set him free!

After the lizard incident I arrived at my tent to find a rattlesnake slithering into the bushes! That's a bit nerve racking especially when your alone and so far away from help! He went his own way for the evening.

The hike out which I knew was going to be rough was just that! I averaged about 1.15 hr per mile. The hike is approximately 5 miles of up hill boulder scrambling, some times the only way is to go straight up the side of the loose boulder fields! Its was also HOTT to make it even more interesting.
This was a amazing trip, fishing was great the backpacking was extreme and the views were priceless. The Grand Canyon is definitely a special place!