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Monday, August 22, 2011


This highly anticipated trip to Slough Creek started out with a twist ; when we went to pick up our camp site permit for site 2S6 the ranger notified us of a dead Buffalo near the site. Wolves had actually killed the beast and then the Grizzly bears took over the kill, it was the presence of 5 grizzlies in the area that caused them to relocate our camp to 2S3 which is located in the second meadow. The camp site was actually quite nice with great views.

The first day we fished the second meadow which was actually some great fishing, this creek is for sure something special when it comes to fly fishing. You better bring your "A" game; these fish would only eat a perfectly placed fly and even then they still needed to like the fly. I spent a lot of time changing flies and narrowing it down to what these fish would eat, and it varied at different times of the day. The views while fishing the creek were unreal.

Some of the fish caught in the 2nd meadow, these native Yellowstone Cutthroat trout are a special fish!

The 2nd day we decided to push our luck and hike up to the 3rd meadow and do some fishing, hopefully the grizzlies in the area had the day off!

 We only fished the 3rd meadow for about 4 hours but did manage to catch a fair amount of fish.The fish did seem to be a bit smaller in the 3rd meadow.

After spending the previous 4 days fishing the Lamar river, Hellroaring creek, Cache creek, Gibbons river and  Soda Butte creek by far Slough Creek is hands down the best fishery in the park. The 3 days spent in the back country of Yellowstone National park was great!


  1. Slough is a real treat. I always do well there with big black foamy dries! You can also throw jigs or streamers and kill. Some of the biggest fish I have seen caught came from 3rd meadow. Good times!

  2. Having spent several years working as a biologist in the Northern Range, I know this valley well. Your story and pictures brought back many fond memories not so distant in time. Thanks!

  3. Great blog!! Great fish, you got a new follower

  4. You should give up your day job and do this full time. Keep up the good work.