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Monday, May 30, 2016


 Two weeks ago we had to turn back after 4 miles of driving due to high snowdrifts, mud and finally gave up after getting stuck for an hour.. Fast forward 2 weeks and the snow drifts were gone, still some muddy bogs that required a heavy foot to navigate. Driving anywhere on this mountain is not easy, it took 1hr 20mins to drive 7.5 miles.  But the reward was lakes all to ourselves and we didn't see a single person all weekend! 

This area of the mountain has some beautiful lakes and many different species of trout to catch. The catch is you need to do your research to figure out how to navigate to them.  

A couple of lakes I fished....

A fly over of the area where we camped.....

The fishing was phenomenal! Fish after fish and it was always a surprise as to what you might land!


Brook Trout


This was the 1st time I have caught Grayling, these fish are amazing to see in person! 

I hope to make up to this area again this summer/fall to explore some new lakes! 

Happy Memorial Day! 

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