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Sunday, July 24, 2011


This creek was the second on my list for the day, I still had 4 hours of good light left in the day and I was hoping the second half of my day was going to be as good as the first, it was wishful thinking. As I arrived at the area I had anticipated fishing; there were several groups of people posted up in there camp chairs with there spinning reel's in hand ! Not a good site for a fly fisherman, although I am sure they were enjoying there day. I decided to drive up the road a few miles and hike back in to some of the upper stretches.

The stream was quite small in the upper region, comparing to the lower section I had originally planned to fish, I managed a picture of the lower section but the sun glare by the time I got to the upper section was not working with the camera phone.

I tied on a royal coachman, one of my favorite flies and started casting to the feeding zones. From there it was brook trout after brook trout.

I did manage to catch one cutthroat, it was still very dark in color which makes the cutthroat marking stand out even more!

I did end up having a enjoyable time catching  little brook trout, I would most likely never return to this creek due to the crowds and lack of isolation.

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